SIGGRAPH Asia 2017

Human-in-the-Loop Adaptation
for Interactive Musical Beat Tracking

Kazuhiko Yamamoto


In music information retrieval (MIR), beat-tracking is one of the most fundamental and important task. However, a perfect algorithm is difficult to achieve. In addition, there could be a no unique correct answer because what one interprets as a beat differs for each individual. To address this, we propose a novel human-in-the-loop user interface that allows the system to interactively adapt to a specific user and target music. In our system, the user does not need to correct all errors manually, but rather only a small portion of the errors. The system then adapts the internal neural network model to the target, and automatically corrects remaining errors. This is achieved by a novel adaptive runtime self-attention in which the adaptable parameters are intimately integrated as a part of the user interface. It enables both low-cost training using only a local context of the music piece, and by contrast, highly effective runtime adaptation using the global context. We show our framework dramatically reduces the user's effort of correcting beat tracking errors in our experiments.




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Kazuhiko Yamamoto, 2021, Human-in-the-Loop Adaptation for Interactive Musical Beat Tracking, International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) 2021.