IkeOto ~Sound Arrangement~

Kazuhiko Yamamoto



  "Ikebana" (means "Flower Arrangement" in English) is a Japanese traditional art that express not only flowers but the formation of its surrounding field itself using flowers as it alives. This work "IkeOto -Sound Arrangement-" is a visual and sound interactive art that stays its surrounding environment's sounds and sounds given by audience in the field, and present it as quite different form. As a result, the special sound field is formed by sound instead of the flowers by leaving sounds, which disappears usually as time goes by because it doesn't have any substance.


IkeOto ~Sound Arrangement~, SIGGRAPH 2009, SpaceTime Interactive The First Place Winner, New Orleans.    PDF



2009/03: アジアデジタルアート大賞展 ADAA 2008 インタラクティブアート部門入賞



for Mac OSX



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