Darwin's Lake

Sketch-Based Creature Creation System Enables Users to Collaborate with Contents Designers

Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Toki Takeda, Ryoichi Ando, Syota Kawano



  In this work, we propose a novel system to create vivid animated 3d creature model from user's freeform 2d stroke. The most famous technique that construct 3d model from user's 2d sketch is Teddy system[Igarashi et al. 1999]. Past teddy like system create 3D mesh from user sketched 2d-shape, only what is needed is the stroke. These approaches allow a lot of freedom of creativity to us. However, there are also the cases we need to build the identification or determine the character of contents such like most games. In these cases, although it proper to design or control the contents in advance by the developers, the past methods are too much freely to control their contents.
  To address this, our approach enables end-users to collaborate with product developer's design without decreasing the freedom of creativity. It creates 3d animated creature from the combination of user's freeform stroke and the primitive models that are created by contents' designer beforehand. The generated creature depend on the user's inspiration, so obtained variations are infinte, but don't lack of the identification of the contents which is designed by the creators. Furthermore, our approach makes us to animate the generated model as if it is alive much easier than past methods.


Darwin's Lake: Sketch-Based Creature Creation System Enables Users to Collaborate with Contents Designers, SIGGRAPH2010, Posters, Student Competition Semi-Finalists, Los Angeles.   PDF




2010/3: アジアデジタルアート大賞展 ADAA2009 インタラクティブアート部門大賞, 総務大臣特別賞 受賞



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